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The Professional Association of Air Traffic Controllers (APROCTA)

APROCTA, The Professional Association of Air Traffic Controllers, is a professional non-profit association that has legal personality and capacity to fulfill its purposes.
Airline Association (ALA)

 ALA is an association that was established over 50 years ago and is formed by the vast majority of Regular Airlines operating in Spain, both national and international. They currently represent over 70% of turnover, input and output, which occurs in the Spanish market. The corporate headquarters is in Madrid, in addition there are local offices around Spain according to the needs of management. ALA has a permanent subcommittee in Catalonia (ALA Catalonia).
Spanish Association of Air Transport Companies (ACETA)

ACETA is a private nonprofit entity formed by Air Europa, Air Nostrum, Binter Canarias, Gestair, Iberia, Naysa, Orbest and Vueling. They cover all segments of the air transport business. The companies conduct regular traffic, freight, executive, regional and charter aviation. They are global Spanish companies operating in global markets. The companies are firmly committed to the sustainability of the sector.
The Airline Pilots Association of Veterans of Spain, APAVE

The Airline Pilots Association of Veterans of Spain seeks to promote brotherhood among all its members and enhance the aeronautical spirit promoting it to the general public through dissemination of information and training in aeronautical matters.
Hispánica de Aviación

Hispánica de Aviación has a large fleet of type PZL Sokol and BELL helicopters and has highly qualified personnel. The technical staff provides high quality services.

A look at the world through the eyes of flight crews. This online publication is aimed to provide pilots and TCPs with information related to all good things in life that the profession of traveling the world offers. With Aircrew Lifestyle you will discover the best at every destination, including the latest developments and recommendations on food, motor, sports, gadgets, fashion, and beauty.
World Airline Services (WAS)

World Airline Services, founded in 1995 by a group of aviation professionals, is an international aviation firm, fully incorporated, offering services in all major aviation and management disciplines. Our Company was set up to provide, both specialist aviation consulting and management services, as well as more general services for the aviation industry . In addition to its specific expertise, this involves using key business lessons learned from other industries and markets. Today, the Company's main business activities are directed into four major aviation related divisions: Cockpit and Cabin Crew Leasing, Re-marketing of Commercial Aircraft, Cockpit and Cabin Crew training, and Aviation Consulting.
The Spanish Guild of Commercial Aviation Pilots, COPAC

The Spanish Guild of Commercial Aviation Pilots (COPAC) is a Public corporation created in 1998, on a national scale, with own legal capacity to fulfill its purposes. It is governed by its applicable statutes and regulatory requirements and its relationship with the government is channeled through the Spanish Ministry of Development.
Airports International

Airports International was the world’s first airport industry magazine when it was launched back in June 1968. During the last four decades, the magazine, like the industry itself, has seen many changes, including the launch on Airports International On-line which you are reading now. The magazine is designed to keep subscribers up-to-date with the latest developments in technology and equipment for the airport and airline business and has a truly global reach. The on-line content will continue to maintain the same integrity and production standards that have steered the brand throughout its entire history.
Air Traffic Management

Established for over 15 years, Air Traffic Management is the only dedicated magazine and website which covers the ATM and the related CNS (Communications, Navigation & Surveillance) industry. Our in-depth coverage and unbiased independent analysis makes Air Traffic Management widely regarded as the most influential and respected magazine within the air traffic management industry.
Fly News

Fly News is an informative aeronautical magazine that covers all areas of activity related to this strategic sector. Our content is structured around information on new aircraft from the A380 to corporate or business aircraft, also including military aircraft such as air forces, military, helicopters, and so on . In addition to information on airlines, national and international aviation industry and human interest stories, for which we select the most relavant information in the industry.

The meeting point of aviation. The largest aircraft forum for pilots, TCP, and aviation enthusiasts. Sharing news, destinations, information, photos, polls, articles...


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