The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots (SEPLA) is the professional body with legal personality whose essential purpose is the free exercise of trade union activities referred to in Article 28.1 of our Spanish Constitution.


The Spanish Union of Airline Pilots was established in 1978, according to the provisions of the Freedom of Association for the maintenance, development and care of the interests of commercial and airline transport pilots. This institution is independent of any group or political party interest, allowing the free development of our activities, dedicated to the protection and practice of labor and professional rights of Spanish pilots.


The core activity of SEPLA is the establishment and maintenance of our professional, labor and social environment. We are dedicated to the development and continuous improvement of the industry, ensuring flight safety, as importantly as the protection and support of all its members, maintaining the ethics and solidarity between them and other professionals that are dedicated to the industry around the world who are members of their respective unions and associations.


Also, SEPLA has established permanent contact with international associations of civil aviation and air transport such as IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilots Association) which brings together and represents more than 100,000 professional pilots from over 100 countries throughout the world, ECA (European Cockpit Association). SEPLA also works with national and international agencies, air carriers and numerous organizations, all dedicated to the development of civil aviation.


SEPLA has a close relationship and collaboration with the Spanish Pilots Association and the Association of Civil Aviation Pilots to jointly defend and develop the professional interests of more than 6.000 professional pilots in Spain, 98 percent of full and who develop their professional activity in multiple sectors such as commercial transport of passengers, cargo and mail, aerial work, helicopters, air taxis, ambulances, business and corporate, aviation education, etc.


Affiliate members of SEPLA are established in various categories like Affiliate Honor, Practicing, Non-practicing, Retired and First Employment.


The structure of our union is constituted by the Governing Board, as the governing body, management and administration of SEPLA. It consists of pilots chosen freely among all active registered members. It consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Treasurer.


The pilots of the different categories and airlines are represented by their respective union sections in the Governing Board, composed of delegates appointed for the defense of labor and union interests of members flying for airlines based in Spain.


SEPLA has established various delegation and management departments, allocated for the development and monitoring of all activities related to our profession such as the Department of Institutional Relations, representing the Spanish pilots throughout the world to various associations and international organizations. As does the Technical and Flight Safety Department to various national and international development of policy and technical performances agencies. Furthermore, the Member Services Department represents us to various social and financial sectors for the development, maintenance and monitoring of activities of interest to all Spanish professional pilots.


This structure allows us to act in both the work and institutional environment, adapting our interests to the present and future circumstances, with the rigor, agility and professionalism that our society demands. We unite under a motto that has made us grow and strengthen every year, “Together We are Stronger”.


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