"Women of the Airs" arrives at the Book Fair
Ana Alemany, the author of this book about women and men pilots who break the mould today, will be signing copies at the Book Fair this Sunday and next Sunday. Don't miss it!

Madrid Book Fair will be held, exceptionally due to the Covid19 pandemic, from the 10th to the 26th of September in the Retiro Park, adjusting to the new situation and with all the security measures to recover the gathering with books. 



Ana Alemany, author of books such as " Women of the Seas", "All roads lead to the poles" or, recently, "Women of the Airs" will be signing books on Sundays 12th and 19th of September at the stand 11 of Ediciones del Viento. Specifically, on Sunday the 12th she will be there from 19.00 to 21.00, and on the 19th from 12.00 to 14.00. 



In her books Ana narrates, through real testimonies, the stories of pioneering women in their professions, and how they have fought to become the women they are today. In her latest book, "Women of the Airs", the author talks about today's women, their lives, their dreams, their efforts, and their challenges. They are modern, normal women, whom you can find in the street and without imaging all they have had to fight to reach the place where they are today.



This is what the author herself tells us: 



"My name is Ana Alemany and this book is part of a somewhat peculiar trilogy that I have written. The first was a book about women related to the poles ("All roads lead to the Poles"), the second was about the sea with "WOMEN OF THE SEAS", and of course... after Land and Sea... Air was missed. I rounded it off with WOMEN OF THE AIRS.



Although WOMEN OF THE AIRES begins with a quote from Amelia Earthart, and her presence will overfly and be the common thread between all the protagonists, this is a book about women of the present, of today.



Amelia was not the first. Nor was she the one who accomplished the most feats. But she completed a flight from Newfoundland to Wales that brought her worldwide recognition and has been an inspiration to thousands of people, especially women, for her incessant struggle and, perhaps, for her tragic end. 



But, as I said, WOMEN OF THE AIRS, is about today's women, their lives, their dreams, their efforts and their challenges. They are modern, normal women, whom you can find in the street and without imaging all they have had to fight to reach the place where they are today.



Doors have never been closed to anyone, but it is true that it has been a little harder for women to open them in the aviation sector. Since Amelia herself... and even before, because Amelia was the 16th woman to obtain a pilot's licence in the United States.



Consuelo Arto was the youngest person to obtain a gliding licence in Spain. She was also the first instructor and the only flight operations inspector at EASA for many years. In addition, the airline where she worked for made her unable to fly because she became pregnant, suspending her pay and employment and causing her to be on sick leave. Consuelo fought in court and, by winning, established jurisprudence so that a woman pilot's contract could not be suspended for pregnancy, and from which all women in aviation have been able to benefit.



Sonia García says "don't set limits for me, because if you do, I'm going to try to overcome them. It's like an obsession". Sonia had a family textile import and export business. But she knew she couldn't die without becoming a pilot. And she became one. "Because someone who wants to be a pilot knows it since he/she is a child". She combined her life as a pilot with that of a training instructor... until drones came into her life. When one day she saw one flying... she understood the immense field that would open up with these gadgets and, with the support of the Qualityfly school, where she worked, she created the first drone school in Spain. At that time, the scarce legislation was very precarious and ever-changing, and she had to consult the publications in the BOE every day, study the articles of the Regulation that had been modified, see the changes that had taken place and update them. The courses cram her agenda, and she has been to places as far-flung as Malaysia, where she went to give a course to the customs service soldiers.



Vanessa de Velasco wanted a non-routine job since she was a child. She wanted to travel. She wanted to wake up one day here, another day in another country. So, she became a pilot. She thought it was the way to make her dream come true. It did, although at first it was difficult for her to adapt to the responsibility of flying a 70-tonne plane. It's exhausting. But... once she accepted it, she began to enjoy it. But there weren't many women in her sector. Why? Maybe because they weren't visible enough for girls who wanted to study to become pilots. And so Aviadoras was born, a platform whose aim is precisely that: to tell everyone that, if you want to, you can. Both boys and girls. As Amelia herself said: "if you want to do something, do it".



Ainhoa Sánchez is another of the protagonists, and her story will not leave anyone indifferent. As she herself says "I am the first and only Spanish wingwalker, but I never wanted to fly, as I have never been interested in flying. What's more, I have dizziness. But, when you enjoy what you do, dizziness takes a back seat. I didn't know what wingwalking was, I never thought of being a wingwalker, of owning a plane or studying to become a pilot, and I never thought of forming the first Spanish wingwalking team in the history of aviation in Spain. This came unexpectedly when I was thirty-six years old. There is always time to try to make dreams come true".



And so on, up to 17 protagonists who tell us how they have managed to make their mark in the world of aviation, a world that is treacherous because, once you enter it, you are trapped and you can't escape.



"I did it for fun".

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