The fight for the interests of transport workers reaches the European Parliament.
Sepla, in coordination with ECA, wins the support of Spanish MEPs in the Transport and Employment Committees to fight for the interests of transport workers.


Nerea Cañas Zarraoa - Institutional Department



As part of the lobbying campaign before the EU institutions to ensure that the European Commission presents a legislative proposal within the framework of the revision of Regulation 1008/2008 that includes the social demands of the organisations representing the interests of workers in the transport sector, Sepla, in coordination with ECA, personally contacted the Spanish Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on the European Parliament's Transport (TRAN) and Employment (EMPL) Committees to request their support and to bring two fundamental issues to debate in these committees, respectively:



The 'Impact of the COVID-19 crisis in the aviation sector' (TRAN)



“Decent working conditions and employment in the aviation sector" -(EMPL)



Coordination Platform) have been unsuccessfully asking the members of the TRAN and EMPL Committees of the Parliament since April to include these two issues in the agenda of the May and June plenary sessions in the form of "oral questions" in order to achieve this debate.



Finally, they were included and subsequently debated in the July plenary session, which took place between 5th and 8th of July.



This is a fundamental debate that was essential to take place at a time when the recovery of the sector is gradually beginning; a recovery that must be carried out in a competitive, environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner, avoiding the so-called "social engineering" formulas and managing to establish uniform and clear rules that are applied homogeneously by all Member States.



This socially responsible air connectivity is an absolute necessity in a fair and equitable reconstruction of the sector; a social responsibility that undoubtedly benefits all actors in the sector, benefiting not only the airlines and crews but also the governments of the EU Member States.



Thanks to the efforts of the organisations representing the interests of aircrew members at national and European level, this interesting debate took place in the European Parliament on 8th July, and at last there was an exchange of views and a sharing of views on social issues in aviation between MEPs and the Commissioners for Transport, Ms. Valean and Employment, Mr. Schmit.



The inclusion of these two oral questions in a debate, in which both MEPs and those responsible in the European Commission for transport and employment issues were represented, was without doubt a fundamental step towards ensuring that the Commission addresses issues such as atypical employment, social dumping and unfair competition urgently and without unnecessary delays (preferably in the context of the amendment of Regulation 1008/2008).



Please find attached a link to the oral questions tabled in the plenary session of the European Parliament.

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