Technical Department

Since its beginnings, one of SEPLA´s main goals was to ensure aviation safety, a task assigned to the Technical Department.

As per SEPLA by-laws, the department is assigned the mission of studying, analyzing and planning all the technical matters mandated by the Board (Junta Rectora), as it cooperates with the Institutional Relations Department in all the issues related to ECA and IFALPA. It also works as a nexus between the Junta Rectora, COPAC and the AEP.


It is the department who sends its experts to participate in the different aviation forums either nationally or internationally. This way, SEPLA participates actively on the proposed rules concerning the aviation sector both in Spain (linking directly to AESA, the Transportation Ministry or the Parliament), and in the rest of the World, through ECA before EASA, or through IFALPA before ICAO.


To help rising the national safety levels, SEPLA has different initiatives. The SEPLA Safety Reporting System (SRS) is one of them. Through the SRS SEPLA complements the National Event Notification System (Sistema de Notificación de Sucesos, SNS) by providing safety reports and notifications about deficiencies or anomalies identified by the pilots during their duties, with the objective of preventing those anomalies in the future and thus preventing a concatenation that could lead to a serious incident or accident. Also provides experts on Aviation Accident Investigation, and cooperates with the Air Transit Provider, among other initiatives.


The department also leads occupational health issues projects, pilots´ personal assistance after any kind of stressful incident and it also works together with SEPLAs Press Department by providing assessment, writing articles for both the Mach.82 magazine as well as for the Fly Safe bulletin, and actively working with the media.


Another of the assigned duties of the department is to conduct courses for SEPLA affiliates, either directly by its own courses or though external ones.



Nuria Sánchez Morales -  Secretary  
Tel: 91 309 67 51 
C/General Díaz Porlier, 49, 3ª Planta, 28001, Madrid (España)



01/07/2021 | Mach82 Digital



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