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The Services Department was created with the aim of giving an added value to SEPLA members.

The Services Department is responsible for getting exclusive services for SEPLA pilots in all business areas. Through unique agreements with different companies, from banks, insurance, pilot schools and simulators, car rentals, hotels, telephone carriers and many more.

The principles that have guided us from the beginning are still guiding us today, although we are now more innovative in the way we relate with external service providers.

We currently have over 400 active agreements renewed year after year, available to any member who wishes to benefit from them.

Thanks to the SEPLA Insurance Center we can offer the option of up to twelve monthly payments of the sum of all contracts, regardless of the insurance company.



The Center for Financial and Family Planning, is the latest project undertaken since the Investigation Board for all members who have benefited from the various Employment Regulations (ERE), retirements and loss of license, this new project helps and advises on your family planning. The success of our negotiations for banking and health insurance agreements is supported by our members: more than 70 percent of SEPLA pilots benefit from their conditions.

In addition, the Services Department has been forced to expand due to the current situation, forcing many pilots to seek work abroad. Thus, one of our top priorities is to offer personal and family coverage to pilots working in foreign companies. Many of the agreements signed by Spanish firms have effectiveness in other countries. With them, the family of the pilots will also be under the same social protection as the pilot himself.

To get more information, make a suggestion or contact the Members Services Department please email


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