SEPLA is not an airlines pilots association anymore. We want you, drone pilot, or you, pilot applicant, or you, private or military pilot, take part of the biggest Spanish pilots family. We want SEPLA grows up with you.
We know the aviation future is not limited to the traditional pilot image. That is why we have created the associate figure, which allows you to take part of SEPLA without any cost.

The offer is especially aimed at the student pilots of the schools, who are not receiving any salary yet, at sports and general pilots, military pilots and at RPAS pilots.

To be SEPLA Associate can bring you many advantages of our members are already enjoying:

  • Enjoy all the agreements and services of the union (except legal defense)
  • Access the professional communication channels of SEPLA
  • Receive job offers from VIA

Partnering is very simple and you can do it completely online by filling out the association form.

Now you can join the union totally free!